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Maayan Ivgi of  Mayan Body and Soul  leads a yoga class to the cello music of  Joshua McClain

Maayan Ivgi of Mayan Body and Soul leads a yoga class to the cello music of Joshua McClain

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit The Laundry Gallery and Cafe (26th and Capp Streets) to practice yoga to the sounds of live cello music. It was transcendent. Not only was the yoga instruction smooth and graceful, the cello music went perfectly. You could feel the vibrations as you flowed through the moves, making it feel like you’re tapping into the vibrations of the universe. Shavasana with a live cellist was heaven, and it was clear why they say that it’s supposed to calm the nervous system and promote equanimity in the entire body.

The experience was made possible by the founders of the app HYPE. Launched in 2016, the app's simple purpose is to answer one question: "What should I do right now?". Its goal is to provide the perfect suggestion for each and every Hype user. By constantly iterating and combining real human curation with an evolving recommendations engine, Hype believes it will become the perfect companion for those living in urban centers across the world. Those who are particularly active on the app can become Influencers who are invited to unique curated experiences across the City and, more recently, day trip excursions to other destinations.

Perusing the art at 111 Minna

Perusing the art at 111 Minna

Since joining HYPE, I've had opportunities to attend an art show with the curator at 111 Minna and then eat amazing Sicilian food at Pink Onion; tour innovative spaces and then practice yoga to live cello music; and more.  The interface is simple and similar to Instagram. Tips are short and wittily worded. I save the places and activities that I have never heard of and want to try specific to San Francisco. If I go to a new city, I can look at the tips there. 

Friends have sometimes asked me how I know about random events in this wonderful City full of a million and one things to do. This is one way to find a curated list of extraordinary activities, places, and events. Find my profile DyannaLuna and join me for the next unforgettable event!*

*I was not compensated by HYPE to write this article. I just really like the app!