Welcome to Style & Fitness in San Francisco!

Photo Credit: Jay Ann Leyson

Photo Credit: Jay Ann Leyson

Thank you for visiting my website! I created “Style & Fitness in SF” primarily to inspire people to eat healthier, be more active, embrace their personal style and live their best life. 

About me: I've always been pretty physically active, but I still felt lethargic, ate badly, and didn't think my body reflected the work I was putting in. In 2013, I chose to compete in a bodybuilding competition because I needed a goal and motivation, and I admired the lean, muscular aesthetic. I also needed structure, so I hired a coach who helped me clean up my eating and added strength training to my all-cardio/plyo routine.

The results came pretty quickly because I devoted most of my extra time to my goal. Along the way, I dispelled many misconceptions about fitness and learned a lot of great tips and information about living your best life. I created this website to share information and help to dispel myths about fitness (weights make you leaner NOT bigger!) 

Your experiences and results may not be exactly the same, but I promise you - you will not regret the feeling of taking your health to another level. And if you ever need fitness and lifestyle motivation, visit this website and hit me up!